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Become a part of the Illinois Tutoring Initiative — a bold vision for supporting student learning and social-emotional health in the wake of the pandemic. With a focus on collaboration and high-impact tutoring, we're changing lives and building futures.


“I love coming to tutoring. It is one of my favorite parts of the day because I know I will get to have fun while learning new things. It has helped me read and write better. I am also able to do more work in class by myself, which makes me feel proud of myself.” 

Angelo, Cahokia Penniman Elementary

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Equity, Safety, Cohesion

Why high-impact tutoring?

Based on its solid research foundation, the Initiative utilizes the high-impact model to deliver tutoring across the state. According to the National Student Support Accelerator, “Rigorous research shows that High-Impact Tutoring is unusually effective for accelerating student learning.

In fact, it is more effective than other interventions that have been tested and is effective across grade and content levels.” High-impact tutoring is based on the foundational elements of equity, safety, and cohesion and features:

Consistent Tutors

Consistent tutors who are well-supported and trained in culturally relevant tutoring practices and social-emotional learning (SEL) practices in addition to content material

Quality Resources

Use of high-quality resources that are aligned with curriculum and learning standards


One-to-one or small group delivery for at least three sessions per week


Program instruction and improvement that is data-driven

High-Quality, High-Dosage Tutoring

Recognized by the White House

We are PROUD to share that the Biden-Harris administration recently recognized the ITI for our high-impact tutoring efforts for students impacted by the pandemic. We are identified as having a high-quality, high-dosage tutoring program suggesting it is a successful strategy worth replicating elsewhere.


"Weathering the Storm”: Federal Efforts Helped Bolster U.S. Education Standing Among Peer Nations

DECEMBER 05, 2023 

The OECD released international testing data from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA). The PISA measures 15-year-olds’ performance in math, science, and reading worldwide every three years.[1] The previous assessment was done in 2018, and the recent release was conducted in 2022–allowing for an examination of COVID’s impact on students and of global recovery efforts.

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Incredible Impact

The numbers speak for themselves

The Illinois Tutoring initiative supports the learning and social/emotional well-being of students in the wake of the pandemic by building confident learners through high-impact tutoring. Tutoring is available in-person for reading and math for students in grades 3-8. Online math tutoring is available for high school students.


"The other day, I got some great news from one of my students, Annabelle. She had a wonderful day at school! When I asked her why, she said that when she raised her hand in class, she got called on twice and got all the answers right. Though to some, this may seem like a small thing to do, this is a huge stride for Annabelle! She even moved up a reading group. I'm just so proud of her and think she truly deserves the world!"

Kira B, Tutor at Murphysboro Carruthers

Tutor Assignments


Be a part of life-changing impact


"I would HIGHLY recommend. This needs to be implemented everywhere! Not only do the kids take something away from it, but the teachers too. I think that teachers will see such an exciting difference in their students. Parents will see more confidence in their learners. I can't rave about it enough."  

Lindsey Bond

CCSD 168 Strassburg Elementary

"My experience has been unique because I am working with a student who needs enrichment. I had never had much experience working one on one with a student who needed enrichment activities. It has been a wonderful experience seeing my student grow and be challenged each day by our activities."

Lindsey Blackaller

DeKalb Lincoln Elementary

"I am a retired teacher and this job is perfect for me. I am able to use my years of experience in the classroom to continue making a difference in children's lives. The support from our region coordinator and administration has been wonderful. If I need anything I can call, and they are willing to assist me.” 

Eymarde Lawler

Peoria Glen Oak Elementary

“I like seeing the spark in children’s eyes when they understand a concept or achieve fluency in a particular area! I have one student who is now more confident and is more willing to try the “hard stuff”. I am thankful for the team of educators, administrators, and other tutors who are committed to providing support to these children.” 

Allison Nix

Marquette Elementary

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