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Region 6, administered through Southeastern Illinois College, serves ITI students in the southernmost part of our state. Located in Harrisburg, IL, SIC was founded in 1960 and serves more than 49,000 district residents. SIC ranks among the top 150 community colleges in the nation and offers more than 50 certificate and degree programs to approximately 4,100 full or part-time students.


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"Tutoring is helping me by getting my homework, reading, and studies done and taking away that stress. Then I can spend more time at home doing the things I want to do.  I haven't failed any classes at all since I started tutoring."


Carmi-White, Washington Attendance Center

"I love tutoring because I get my math homework done. I went from an F to a C."


Carmi-White,Washington Attendance Center

"Tutoring is helping me and it's fun. I used to be failing math and now I'm doing good."


Grayville Elementary School

"I feel good about tutoring because it helps me, and my grades are doing better. The best part is when we play Blooket."


Grayville Elementary School

"Getting my homework done makes me happy, and I love having help on the hard stuff."


Carmi-White, Washington Attendance Center



"The best part of tutoring is the relationships I've been able to grow among my little group of students.  We spend so much time together that we have our own inside jokes."

Megan King

Region 6 Tutor | Carmi-White, Washington Attendance Center

"It's just been an overall great experience. I love working with the kids, and seeing them improve, and it's a nice addition to my income."

Patricia Myers

Region 6 Tutor | Carmi-White, Washington Attendance Center

"It is awesome to watch their eyes light up when they are successful in areas that they have not been successful in before.  My students are now more confident in all areas of school. They build relationships, have fun, and learn."

Tammy Sexton

Region 6 Tutor | Carmi-White, Washington Attendance Center

"I have had a rewarding experience participating in the tutoring program.  I consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity to help students in our district and to build relationships with students. It is also a joy to watch the transformation in a student; from struggling in the classroom to achieving success."

Kim Owens

Region 6 Tutor | Carmi-White Junior High School

"I have received multiple reports from their teachers that they are improving in the classroom each week. For me as a tutor, this is the best compliment I could ask for!"

Morgan Nelson

Region 6 Tutor | Grayville Elementary School



Anna CCSD 37

Anna Junior High School
Davie Elementary school

Carmi-White County CUSD 5

Washington Attendance Center
Jefferson Attendance Center
Carmi-White County Junior High

Carrier Mills-Stonefort CUSD 2

Carrier-Mills Stonefort Elementary

Eldorado CUSD 4

Eldorado Elementary School

Galatia CUSD 1

Galatia Grade School Annex

Grayville CUSD 1

Wells Elementary School
Grayville Junior Senior High School

Harrisburg CUSD 3

East Side Intermediate

Jonesboro CCSD 43

Jonesboro Elementary School

Norris City-Omaha-Enfield CUSD 3

Norris City Elementary

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