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Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) serves the southwestern districts in our state and was founded in 1965. Situated on 2,660 acres of beautiful woodland, the SIUE campus is home to a diverse student body of more than 13,000. SIUE awards degrees in undergraduate and graduate programs encompassing the arts, sciences, nursing, education, health, human behavior, business and engineering. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is a student-centered educational community dedicated to communicating, expanding and integrating knowledge and holds to the values of citizenship, excellence, inclusion, integrity, and wisdom. 


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“I love coming to tutoring. The best part is drawing with CCVCC words/blends. It’s helping me with reading."


Collinsville Twin Echo Elementary

“I love coming to tutoring. It is one of my favorite parts of the day because I know I will get to have fun while learning new things. It has helped me read and write better. I am also able to do more work in class by myself which makes me feel proud of myself.” 


Cahokia Penniman Elementary School

“It is helping me to sound out words. This helps me read books to get an education. Then I can get a job when I grow up and can get a house. When I get older I can help my kids do their homework.” 


Cahokia Penniman Elementary School

“It’s amazing! We get to do fun stuff, play games, and learn. My brain kinda gets funny, but I learn a lot in tutoring.” 


Cahokia Penniman Elementary School

“I get to chat and learn about reading. I like the Elkonin Word Boxes. They help me sound words out better.” 


Cahokia Penniman Elementary School



“I thoroughly enjoy interacting with the students each week. Tutoring is very rewarding when the "light bulbs" start to go on.  Seeing the pride of students accomplishing things they were previously frustrated with is incredible.” 

Shelli Bement

Region 5 Tutor | Cahokia Penniman Elementary School 

“This program is critical for children who are struggling below grade level in math and reading. It is giving them an opportunity to bridge the gaps and gain confidence in order to stay engaged in learning.” 

Michelle Talbot

Region 5 Tutor | Collinsville Twin Echo Elementary 

"It is awesome to watch their eyes light up when they are successful in areas that they have not been successful in before.  My students are now more confident in all areas of school. They build relationships, have fun, and learn."

Aliyah Gillespie

Region 5 Tutor | Cahokia Penniman Elementary School 

“I was nervous to take on this role as a tutor because I had just started my senior year of college and my student teaching intensives, but I have been given tremendous support and there has always been someone eager to help from the Illinois Tutoring Initiative program.” 

Jada Tyler

Region 5 Tutor | Collinsville Twin Echo Elementary

“I see students that are starting to understand some of the phonemic rules. I see students beginning to trust me enough to open up and ask questions. I see students that are building confidence in their abilities. I worry about my students' education if this program were to suddenly not exist. I think this program can change the future for some of these students.” 

Cherie Casner

Region 5 Tutor | Cahokia Penniman Elementary School 



Cahokia  CUSD 187

Penniman Elementary
Huffman Elementary
Lalumier Elementary 

Collinsville CUSD 10

Dorris Intermediate School
Twin Echo Elementary
Kreitner Elementary
Jefferson Elementary
Renfro Elementary

Dupo CUSD 196

Dupo Jr High School

East Alton SD 13

Eastwood Elementary
East Alton Middle School

East St. Louis SD 189

Lincoln Middle School
Mason-Clark Middle School
Wyvetter Younge School of Excellence 

Madison CUSD 12

Bernard Long Elementary
Madison Junior High School

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