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Located in Normal, IL, Illinois State University (ISU) serves our districts in the central east part of the state. Founded in 1857, ISU has a strong enrollment of more than 20,000 students, while maintaining academic quality and small class sizes. At ISU, over 160 undergraduate programs are offered, as well as a variety of graduate, doctoral, and post graduate certificate programs. Illinois State University’s core values—Learning and Scholarship, Diversity and Inclusion, Respect, Collaboration, Individualized Attention, Civic Engagement, Integrity— embody the University’s culture of innovative and introspective growth.


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Student - 5

"I feel happy and amazing at tutoring because I'm learning! My favorite part is learning multiplication and division. I didn't know them well and now know them for math."


Tuscola Northward Elementary
Student -2

"Tutoring is helping me more with math things that I thought were complicated. It also makes me laugh everyday, so it's a good way to start any day!"


Donovan Middle School
Student - 1

"Tutoring makes me excited because we get to play fun games that help me add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers."


Donovan Middle School
Student - 4

"Tutoring is awesome because my tutor is amazing, and I see my friends. The best is "Story Time with John," because his stories are great! I can also multiply, divide, and solve equations better."


Donovan Middle School
Student - 3

"Tutoring has helped me reach better grade goals in the classroom and has motivated me to complete my homework. I've also had fun building a relationship with my tutor and working with kids outside my classroom."


Donovan Middle School


Tutor - 3

"I am getting positive feedback from parents and students on how tutoring is helping and giving the students the confidence that they need.  That is a great feeling. I am seeing students who thought that they can't do well in math now thinking that they can do math. They are excited to tell me how they are doing better in their math homework and quizzes."

Diana Kerner

Region 4 Tutor | Tuscola Northward Elementary
Tutor - 4

"My feeling about the ITI is that it is helping kids all over Illinois improve their math and reading skills. They are able to work on these skills outside of getting graded and failing at something. They get to practice their skills in an environment that has no consequences and is fun for them."

Hannah Askew

Region 5 Tutor | Donovan Middle School
Tutor - 5

"As a result of tutoring, my kids are coming into my math class with quicker skills. For example my 6th graders aren't spending quality work time thinking about their math facts, they just apply them to what we are doing in class. By students being able to apply basic skills at the mastery level it makes math class more enjoyable for everyone." 

Michele Gray

Region 4 Tutor | Donovan Middle School
Tutor - 1

"I have seen my students improve in their abilities to do mental math and have improved number sense. I have seen them move from 4 separate individuals assigned to the same tutoring group to become a cohesive group that supports each other. They have increased in their confidence and willingness to help each other.This has been such an exceptional experience! It is so rewarding to see my students grow, both academically and socially. The ITI staff that we work with have been incredibly supportive and the school has been very welcoming."

Anita Owens

Region 4 Tutor | Donovan Middle School
Tutor - 2

"I am seeing the students I work with become more confident in their thinking abilities.  They are becoming better problem solvers and learning how to answer questions in better ways. Some days I feel that I don't have enough energy to devote to the kids, but as soon as they walk through the door they put a smile on my face and make me glad that I am here and willing to help them. I also love to see them smile and have that light bulb moment!"

Beth Linstead

Region 4 Tutor | Tuscola Northward Elementary



Donovan CUSD 3

Donovan JH
Donovan Elementary

Paris-Union SD 95

Mayo Middle School
Carolyn Wenz Elementary

Mattoon CUSD 2

Riddle Elementary School
Arland D. Williams Elementary 

Martinsville CUSD 3C

Martinsville Elementary
Martinsville Jr High

Rantoul City SD 137

Broadmeadow Elementary
Eastlawn Elementary
Northview Elementary
Pleasant Acres Elementary

Villa Grove CUSD 302

Villa Grove Elementary

Shiloh CUSD 1

Shiloh Elementary
Shiloh Jr High
(high school math included)

Saunemin CCSD 438

Saunemin Elementary

Decatur SD 61

Hope Academy
American Dreamer STEM Academy
Parsons Elementary
Johns Hill Magnet School
Muffley Elementary
South Shores Elementary
Baum Elementary
Franklin Grove Elementary
Montessori Academy for Peace


Pontiac CCSD 429

Lincoln Elementary
Pontiac Jr High
Washington Elementary 

Tuscola CUSD 301

North Ward Elementary
East Prairie Jr. High School

Oakland CUSD 5

Lake Crest Elementary

Kansas CUSD 3

Kansas Elementary School
Kansas Jr. High School

Bloomington SD 87

Bloomington Jr High (Math included)

Clinton CUSD 15

Clinton Elementary School
Clinton Jr. High School

McLean County USD 5

Sugar Creek Elementary
Fairview Elementary
Cedar Ridge Elementary
Oakdale Elementary

Paris CUSD 4

Crestwood Elementary

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