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Illinois Central College (ICC), a community college located in East Peoria, serves our districts in the west central portion of Illinois. The seventh largest community college district in Illinois, ICC has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and boasts the lowest tuition rate of colleges and universities in Central Illinois. ICC offers 150 study and 55 certificate programs and has an average class size of only 15. ICC’s purpose is to enable its students to reach their educational potential and to serve as a resource for the educational and cultural needs of the community.


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“I want to get my goals to be a better reader. Tutoring is helping me because I didn’t think I was good at main idea, but now I am.” 


Chillicothe Elementary School 

“I love my tutor. She knows me and what I need.” 

Krishona L

Peoria Glen Oak Elementary

“I love the educational games that we play, reading books, and I love the rewards for doing a good job. I think tutoring is helping me because I am learning to read better and I'm making better grades." 

ZaKaria H

Peoria Sterling Middle School

"I feel like tutoring is helping me because the games, reading out loud, and the phonics book all help me. I have learned about what verbs to use, rhyming words, suffixes, prefixes, contractions, and a lot of other things." 


Peoria Franklin Elementary

"I feel good about tutoring because I learn stuff. It's helping me with my tests because I have time to study and its helping me with math because I have time to practice."


Riverview Elementary



“I see little moments when something we are doing “clicks” with the students and it gives them a better understanding of their reading. This gives them a boost of confidence in helping themselves become better readers!” 

Lisa Milliken

Region 3 Tutor | Chillicothe Elementary School 

"I am a retired teacher and this job is perfect for me. I am able to use my years of experience in the classroom to continue making a difference in children's lives. The support from our region coordinator and administration has been wonderful. If I need anything I can call, and they are willing to assist me.” 

Eymarde Lawler

Region 3 Tutor | Peoria Glen Oak Elementary 

“We are definitely seeing results in test scores and overall confidence during our practice sessions. I also like that students reflect with us after each lesson. It helps me see what kind of learning style they have and what is working.” 

Amy Russell

Region 3 Tutor | Marquette Elementary 

“I like seeing the spark in children’s eyes when they understand a concept or achieve fluency in a particular area! I have one student who is now more confident and is more willing to try the “hard stuff”. I am thankful for the team of educators, administrators, and other tutors who are committed to providing support to these children.” 

Allison Nix

Region 3 Tutor | Marquette Elementary 

“My students catch on quickly! They remember my quirky sayings like “Mr. Silent E” and use tools like “The cover up method” when sounding out words. Now my quiet, shy, kids are eager to read aloud. It’s awesome!” 

Raeshia Linwood

Region 3 Tutor | Peoria Lincoln Elementary 



Illinois Valley Central USD 321

Chillicothe Elementary Center
Chillicothe Junior High
Mossville Jr High School
South Elementary School

Jacksonville SD 117

Jacksonville Middle School 

Macomb CUSD 185

Edison School
Macomb Junior High
Macomb Middle School

Norwood ESD 63

Norwood School

N. Pekin and Marquette Heights SD 102

Marquette Elementary School

Peoria SD 150

Annie Jo Gordan
Elise-Ford Allen Academy
Elite Community Outreach
Harold B. Dawson Middle School
Hines Primary School
Lincoln K-8 School
Dr. Maude A. Sanders Primary School
Trewyn Middle School
Franklin Primary School
Sterling Middle School
Glen Oak
Von Stueben

Pleasant Hill CUSD 69

Pleasant Hill School

Riverton CUSD 14

Riverton Elementary School
Riverton Middle School

Riverview CCSD 2

Riverview Grade School

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