Dr. Christy Borders On Scaling ESSER-Funded Tutoring Across Illinois


Nate Casey, CRO of enterprise tutoring platform Pearl, and Christy Borders, EdD, Director of the Illinois Tutoring Initiative at Illinois State University explore the early days of launching the most significant tutoring initiative in state history.

Key insights covered in this Pearls of Wisdom webinar:

What is the Illinois Tutoring Initiative and how did it come about?
The work to obtain the ESSER State Grant (good/bad/and bureaucratic)
Designing a large-scale tutoring program serving nearly 100 districts
Sourcing instructors (i.e. leveraging local universities)
Facilitating tutoring (in-person/online, curriculum resources, etc.)
Assessing performance, reporting, and research
The future of funding for tutoring programs in the US


Dr. Christy Borders is a professor at Illinois State University, where she served as the Director of both the Cecilia J. Lauby Teacher Education Center before directing the Illinois Tutoring initiative. Dr. Borders holds a Masters of Science in Speech and Hearing Sciences from Washington University in St. Louis and a Doctorate in Special Education from the University of Cincinnati.

This webinar will be most beneficial to the following groups of organizations:

SEA and LEA officials organizing high-impact tutoring programs
School district administrators
University officials with rosters of Education degree-seeking students
Tutor programming coordinators (For Profit and Non-profit)